Write2Ignite Conference Recap

What a joy to spend time with old friends — especially old writing friends! And this year I had the fun of bringing my grandson, Mikey, along for the Teen Track.

The Write2Ignite Conference for Christian Writers of Literature for Children and Young Adults is dear to my heart. More than 10 years ago I helped to start the Conference. It’s still equipping Christians who write.

It’s still encouraging them to keep on serving the Lord.

It’s still providing them with skills to improve their craft.

It’s still helping them make connections in the industry.

In September I once again led a couple of workshops on writing picture books. I can’t imagine having more fun. I mix writing and picture books and God’s Word and encouraging and teaching together to make the best mix ever.

If you write for children of any age or for young adults please check it out for September, 2020.

Now, a tip of the hat to my good writing buddies at Write2Ignite!

I am grateful to God for my Write2Ignite family.

What are you grateful for? Are you remembering your ABCs of Gratitude? Today is the day for M.

Thank you, God, for Music. It touches the deepest parts within me – my spirit, my mind, my soul. Thank you, God, for the beauty and power of music.

And, God, thank you also for my Mama. She had many flaws. She went through many struggles. But she never gave up. She was a fighter. And she taught me by her example to keep on learning, keep on loving, keep on living against all odds.

2 Comments on “Write2Ignite Conference Recap

  1. What a great recap! Someday, I’ll make this conference. I’ve been wanting to go for years! Maybe after my husband retires. See, we have a special needs adult daughter, and the conference (both times) is during the school year. Although I do have a couple of new respite care workers, so maybe I can work something out sooner!

    • I understand. Family always first! But I hope to meet you face-to-face one of these days.

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