whenspringcomes-carouselWhen Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes was illustrated by Laura Dronzek. It was published in 2016. Which is unusual that Henkes didn’t illustrate it himself. The illustrations are bright and colorful, happy and kitteny and reminiscent of spring for sure.

When Spring Comes IS about spring. It’s full of flowers and trees and green grass, birds and bees and new kittens, budding trees, sprouting gardens and bunnies. Yes, all the things we associate with spring. But When Spring Comes is about something more. It’s also about waiting. Waiting for things to happen in their time.

One thing about the book that is particularly noticeable to me is that Henkes uses the rule of threes repeatedly in the text. AND that the illustrations uses it all the way through the book. Three kittens, three bunnies, three birds, three sprouts, three umbrellas, three children, on and on.

When you read it why not try to count the number of times threes are used. Can you share here or on my Face Book page how many times? Thanks.

2 Comments on “WHEN SPRING COMES by Kevin Henkes

  1. Sounds like an adorable book with kittens and bunnies and flowers and spring! Love, love all those spring things 😊Love the life application, too, unless it’s me that has to wait. . .But getting better at it! Lol. Thank you, Jean, for bringing this to our attention. Have a wonderful weekend.

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