Whale in a Fishbowl

Another Picture Book Review of a 2018 picture book by Jean Matthew Hall.

Whale in a Fishbowl was written by Troy Howell and illustrated by Richard Jones. It was published by Schwartz & Wade (of Random House) in 2018.

This is a quiet story of loneliness and freedom.

The illustrations are lovely. Everything is a soft, neutral, pale palette except the water. The deep aqua of the water in the gigantic fishbowl shouts “I’m here! See me!” to me.

And the deep blue of the ocean in the back ground screams for attention behind the bland, hum-drum colors of the city. It’s a marvelous background for the story of Wednesday the Whale trapped in a giant fishbowl in the middle of a city.

Wednesday doesn’t know anything about freedom. She’s always lived in the fishbowl.

But she knows she longs for something more–for that lovely blue thing she see if she jumps into the air above the fishbowl.

And she feels whole and free and happy once she finds her rightful place in the deep blue sea.

I like this book. It speaks to me. I believe it will open up opportunities to talk with children about loneliness, about not knowing your “place” in life, and about freedom.

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