Welcome to the website and blog of Jean Matthew Hall. The first book in Jean’s premier picture book series about the four seasons is scheduled for publication early in the fall of 2019 by Little Lamb Books. PTL!

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One Comment on “Welcome

  1. Hi Jean my name is Rob I am an Australian I have been witting for about three years now.
    My name is Robert Sherriff, I hope this email finds you well. I am 64 years-old. I have just written books in the last three years to four years. So I can finish my book series Titled (Dirkbell) I have written and product the first book in the series. My books talk about doing the right thing and helping out in your neighbourhood.
    I was a part of the Stolen Generations The Government of South Australia removed me from my parents in 1961. I am part Australian Aboriginal. On my Mother’s side. My Great-Grand Mother. Her Mother was a half cast. She got pregnant to My Great-Grand Father. I was part of the Stolen Generation. Then on my Father’s side, my bloodlines go back to Scotland. I only went to grade three. I self-educated. I have been for married 38 with six children ten grandchildren two great-grandchildren. I am sixty-four-years old. My wife’s name is Carol. I believe in God. I am retired they call what I am doing my bucket list.

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