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I spent the last two weeks on vacation. I drove 800 miles to visit family in Florida. It was good to visit with my sisters and my in-laws. I took care of a little business, picked up one of my sisters and then headed 400 miles north to visit my daughter and grandchildren.

Spending a week with them was delightful – crazy, noisy, taxing and exhausting – but delightful.

A week later my sister and I drove 500 miles to my home. It sure was good to sleep in my own bed, though I do miss being snuggled by six or eight little arms and legs.

Along the drive to vacation I reminded myself that I was going to be on the lookout for “story ideas.” Surely all that time with kids five to twelve years of age would give me lots of ideas. But I never took the time to write them down so, out the window of my mind they flew.

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We went to The Two X Two Petting Zoo out in the country. All four kids were ecstatic to see and touch and even smell the animals. Some were domesticated ones like burros, peacocks, chickens and goats and goats and goats.

Some animals were sort of exotic like foxes, camels (Boy! Are they big!), ostriches and zebras (Did you know they bite?) We also fed most of the animals. And we met a cute, tiny, squealing pink piglet, and a one-week-old llama. Of course the kids wanted to adopt the piglet. Wouldn’t their mom have loved that!!

Back to story ideas…

As I’m reading over this post I see some ideas emerging.

Pigs and zebras and goats are rising off the page and circling my head.

Strutting peacocks and rumbling game cocks appear.

Kids stretching and reaching for a touch of that squealing piglet—named Pinky, we’ll say.

Ostriches fighting over food.

A bashful wallaby who wouldn’t come out of his shed to visit.

Goats clambering and climbing on top of each other for the next little handful of food.

The camel who snatched one child’s bucket of food, tipped it up and gulped every granule, then threw the bucket at us. (Yes, he did!)

Okay! My imagination is rolling now.

How about yours?

Pull out the photos from last year’s vacation and see what memories and story ideas you can whip up.

But right now I have to go. These story are clambering to escape my head and strut across some pages.

Hey! What would YOU name a camel with an attitude?




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  1. I love the way your mind works!! You are an inspiration!

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