It’s difficult to talk with our little ones about hard topics like hunger, war and displaced families. Today’s picture book might be a bridge to discussing some of those topics.

Tomorrow is not like most picture books I’ve read. It isn’t silly or dreamy or gorgeous.

Tomorrow is a sad book with a sad ending. Why?

It was written and illustrated by Nadine Kaadan a Syrian author/illustrator who was forced to leave her home in Damascus, Syria and now lives in the UK. It was published in English in 2018 by Lantana Publisher in London.

She explains that she wrote this picture book for the children of Syria. They have been through so much anxiety and fear, so much loneliness and change in the past ten years.

Her main character, Yazan, is sad.

The illustrations are dark and a bit scary.

It’s obvious the Yazan is lonely, confused and frightened.

In most picture books the main character solves their problem and finds a happy ending.
But not in Tomorrow. There is no happy ending for Yazan. There is still no happy ending for the children of Syria. Kaadan wrote this picture book hoping for a better “tomorrow” to come soon for the children of Syria.

I think this little book will give American parents and teachers a great place to reflect on the plight of refugee and displaced children around the world. For Christians this is a great place to start praying for other children, too.

Not every child in this big world is surrounded by the comforts and safety of home and family. Use this book to help your children learn gratitude for their blessings, and compassion for children in terrible situations.

Here is an interview with the author.

Nadine Kadaan

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  1. I think empathy comes naturally to some children, while others have to learn it. Hopefully this book will help. Re the situation in Syria, I had a student from there who told me her brother couldn’t go to school because of the fighting in the streets.

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