Tips From Two Year Olds

Get excited! There’s always something new to learn.

Make a mess! You can clean up later.

Explore! There’s a great big world around

Dance! It doesn’t matter whether you dance well or not, just dance!

Play with your food! Get your fingers in there. Slurp a little. Enjoy every bite.

Let go! Share your feelings. Don’t hold back.

Go naked! Stop covering up how you feel and who you are.

child-1997729_1280 editHave fun! The simplest toys bring the most pleasure.

Laugh! There’s a bit of humor in almost everything.

Rejoice! Every day brings new opportunities.

Hug! Show others that you love them.

Nap! Work hard. Play hard. Sleep hard.

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    • OH, wonderful addition! I’ll add it to my list. Thanks.

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