The Very First Thanksgiving Day

The Very First Thanksgiving Day

Written by Rhonda Gowler Greene               Illustrated by Susan Gaber


very-first-thnx-dayThe Very First Thanksgiving Day is a rhyming picture book that shows young readers the story of the first Thanksgiving celebration in the New World. The illustrations are beautiful.

It is mostly written in tercets. The first two lines of each stanza rhyme with each other. The third line repeats the first line of the previous stanza. However, there is another interesting twist. In the second half of the book the poem switches to couplets. These couplets repeat the story working  backwards through the poem so that the last couplet repeats the first two lines of the first tercet. Both the first and the last page of the book (poem) are the same words.

This poetic form makes the story come full circle. It reminds me of children’s songs like “There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.”

I have no idea what poetic form this is. If you know, please tell us in the COMMENTS below. If you can, please leave a link to a website that describes this complicated form.


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