The Perfect Pet

IMG_1552The Perfect Pet written and illustrated by Samantha Bell

Published by Sylvan Dell Publishing (now named Arbor Dale Publishing)


When my daughter was about twelve years old she wanted a pet—a special pet—an exotic pet. So she and her Dad starting researching things like chinchillas, flying squirrels and hairless rats.


Thank goodness none of those came to live at our house. Our daughter finally settled on a Toy Fox Terrier and loved it dearly. Whew! We really dodged a bullet on that one!

You’ve probably searched for the perfect pet for your kids, too, at some point.

One of the beautiful picture books ON MY SHELF is entitled The Perfect Pet. It was written and illustrated by my sweet friend, Samantha Bell. She is a very talented, gentle, godly friend.

The Perfect Pet is the story of a child going through the process of selecting the perfect pet. Sounds simple, huh? Not so much. This child and mom actually use the process of elimination as they go through the Kingdom Animalia to the correct species. But, wait. Is this the very best pet for this particular child? Or is there something better out there?

The rhyming text is bouncy and cute. It familiarizes children with several terms in the classification system in a cute way.

It’s one of my favorites, though, mostly because of Samantha’s adorable artwork.

If you’re homeschooling or simply reinforcing what your kids are learning at school your elementary aged kids will love this book. The publisher has included lots of interesting back matter. And Sylvan Dell (now Arbor Dale) provides lots of online activities for young readers to enjoy. Your kids probably won’t even realize they are learning anything!

Blessings, Samantha. I know you’re busy working on new books right now. You always are.


4 Comments on “The Perfect Pet

  1. Jean,
    I enjoyed learning about experiences you had with selecting a pet, as well as Samantha’s experiences. I believe Samantha has another book that should to be told based on what she left in the comment section. Best wishes to both of you lovely and talented ladies.

  2. That’s so funny about your daughter, Jean! I wrote it with my daughter in mind. She was about the same age when we tried all different pets for her. She wanted a cat, but found out it wasn’t for her; she gave it to her sister. She wanted a dog, but it wasn’t for her; she gave it to her little brother. She wanted a bird, but it wasn’t for her; she gave it to her older brother. And so it went with guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish. Needless to say, we ended up with a houseful of pets! She finally settled on the one the child in the story picked. 🙂

    • I know you have multiple pets around your house, Samantha. And you can’t say “no” to another one, can you?

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