The Night Gardener

“Welcome to Grimlock Lane, where something magical is about to change everything…and everyone.”

511uhv8a2glDoesn’t that name-Grimlock Lane-tell you all about the setting of this picture book tale? It’s a not-so-happy, not-exciting, not-beautiful place.

The Night Gardener was written and illustrated by The Fan Brothers (Terry and Eric) who are both artists of multiple media and of words.

The sketches in muted tones of green, gray and brown create a “magical” feel just right for this tale.


The story of the mysterious Night Gardener softly shows us how one person can change an entire boring, run-of-the-mill town into a magical place. The Night Gardener shares his beautiful secret with one other person. That person picks up the tools and carries on that yen for beauty.

And, the beauty the Gardener leaves behind changes everyone in this quiet town.

Hmmm…makes me think about the beauty of words that I want to leave behind when I’m gone from this life.

So, what are you doing with the beauty that God has given you to share?

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