The Fantastic Gifts of Fall


The Fantastic Gifts of Fall

By Dandi Daley Mackall                     Illustrated by Katherine Blackmore

Published by B & H Publishing in 2014


Every autumn I remember that it is my favorite season of the year. It’s filled with vibrant colors, crisp breezes and almost daily changes in God’s world of nature. So, naturally, I have a lovely collection of picture books about autumn and Thanksgiving. I’ll be sharing them with you for the next few weeks.

Today let’s take a peek at Dandi Daley Mackall’s picture book The Fantastic Gifts of Fall.

First let me say that Blackmore’s illustrations are adorable. They work beautifully with Macall’s rhyming verses and the Scripture verses printed on each double spread.

The text is almost a prayer for very young readers. It mentions many things to not only enjoy in the autumn, but to be thankful for, also. Things such as the brisk weather, geese flying south, leaves changing colors, plump fruits like pumpkins and pears, hayrides, small animals preparing for winter, playing outdoors, Thanksgiving Day traditions, and chilling rain.

The Fantastic Gifts of Fall is a cute opportunity to share with little ones the joys of the changing seasons, and our gratitude to God for it.

Oh, and you can buy it in both print and Kindle versions.




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