The Bubble Who Would Not Pop!

case8.500x11.000.inddThe Bubble Who Would Not Pop! was written by Shelly Roark, and illustrated by Simone Krüger

The Bubble Who Would Not Pop! is a sweet story about a little green-eyed girl’s prayer. The story starts out cutesy. The green-eyed girl blows a prayer into a bubble and send it on its way to heaven. His mission is to take her prayer all the way to God.

As I followed the bubble’s journey I thought it was going to continue to be just another cute story. But…

Roark introduced a whole new dimension to the story. It is a dimension of biblical truth that I didn’t see coming.

I plan to enjoy reading The Bubble Who Would Not Pop! to all five of my young grandchildren. They’ll enjoy the story and be surprised, like me, at what God has to say in it.

I think you and your little ones will enjoy it, too.

Blessings, Shelly Roark, on your first picture book.


BTW: The Bubble Who Would Not Pop! is also the first picture book published by Little Lamb Books. (Who just happens to be the publisher working on my books, too!)




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