The Baby

The following story is my entry in a contest at Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog.

Next Tuesday she will post a list of finalists. If THE BABY makes the short list I would appreciate your participation by voting for whichever story you think is the best. I’ll post info here on my blog next Wednesday. Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you.



“Wait for me!” little Eli yelled. The other shepherds raced ahead.

            Simeon turned, “We told you to stay with the sheep, boy!”

            Eli remembered the angel’s words, “You will find the baby wrapped in rags, sleeping in a manger.” He would have to find the newborn King for himself. He would search every manger in the city if he had to.

            Eli stopped at the first stable he saw. No baby there.

            He ran to the next stable, and the next. All he found were grumpy animals.

            Eli squatted to catch his breath and think. He remembered more of the angel’s words. “Today a Savior is born in Bethlehem. He is the Lord.” Eli looked around. Which way should he go?

            Eli looked up at the sky. To the east was the biggest, brightest star he had ever seen. Could this be the way?

            Eli ran toward the star to a house. He heard faint noises—sheep baaing, cows lowing, and—a baby crying. A baby!

            Eli ran faster. Behind the house he saw a stable. The star shined overhead. Eli saw the other shepherds huddled around something. They were pointing. Simeon was crying.

            Eli crept closer. He wiggled his way between Simeon and Johash. He saw—the baby!

            Eli reached out to touch him. The baby turned and stretched out his tiny hand. He wrapped his fingers around Eli’s thumb. What a treat for a dirty, smelly shepherd boy.    

            The baby. Christ the Lord!

9 Comments on “The Baby

  1. I am glad Eli was rewarded for his perseverance in trying to find the baby! I like how you told the Christmas story.

    • Thanks. And a blessed Christmas to you!

    • Thanks. I think so, too. We’ll see what the judges say. 🙂

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