The Baby King – PB Reveiw

Another Christmas Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall.

Last week I reviewed an ARCH Christmas book and couldn’t give it my thumbs up.
But I must say their 2017 book, The Baby King, is a big improvement.

20181112_122718The Baby King was written by Gregory Hyatt and illustrated by Joseph Qiu.

The illustrations are lovely and realistic. They remind me of the old Sunday School paintings we used when I was a child.

The story is again told in rhymed quatrains. This version is much better written than the 2003 book. But the meter still needs some work.

Also, the rhyming is good, but it’s obvious to me that some lines were used simply to create a rhyme. They contain details that are not relevant to the story. For instance:

Joseph and Mary journeyed.
     They could not even relax.
     They had to go to register
     For Caesar’s government tax.

Not the best writing I’ve read.

The story is accurate and the illustrations are lovely.

I think The Baby King  will be a good book to add to your Christmas collection.

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