For Parents: Inspiring Blogs & FaceBook Pages

25720853350_b40538d23e_kI was supposed to make my first Saturday post for parents last week. My apologies for missing that date. During the Christmas holiday my sweet sister-in-law and dear friend of 50 years died in a tragic auto accident. I spent the first week of January traveling to and from Florida, and attending her funeral. Please pray for her husband as he heals from his grief and from many serious injuries.

Now, on to the first of many Saturday posts that, I hope, will encourage and inspire parents. Please check out the following blogs and FaceBook pages. Bookmark them if they offer you hope, understanding, encouragement or inspiration.

And feel free to share this page with other parents please!

My Messy Desk by Elizabeth Giertz

Renewed Hope Parenting by Emily Scott

Daring to Delight from the Trenches of Motherhood by Hannah Savage

Back to the Beginning by Melissa Combs

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No Mama’s Perfect by Ginger Hughes

Natalie Epps: Purpose in the Process

The Graceful Road by Bethany Hartzell

Calamus Mom by Amy Juett

Manna in the Madness by Jenny Rohrers Albers

Three Boys and a Hope by Jen Bellah Bodenmuller

Grace to Go by Amber Taube

Her View From Home

Books for Writers – Connections: Social Media and Networking Techniques for Writers

connections-e1480395496788Another Book for Writers – Connections: Social Media and Networking Techniques for Writers

At the Ohio Christian Writers Conference I purchased the little book Connections: Social Media and Networking Techniques for Writers by Edie Melson. I’m already making use of Melson’s suggestions in my blog posts.

Have you noticed that I’ve changed the way I title my posts? Following advice in “Part Two – Blogging: Promoting your Content” I’m trying to make better use of SEOs. Melson explains this matter so clearly and simply that I feel much more confident about using them.

The same is true in all of the sections of the book. Melson uses easy to understand language (not a lot of techy jargon), step-by-step procedures and examples that pertain particularly to writers.

Reading Connections: Social Media and Networking Techniques for Writers has helped me formulate practical goals for improving my online presence in 2018. They include some of the following changes for me:

  • Improve my blog statistics by using SEOs in titles and articles
  • Check my blog statistics regularly and keep track of its growth
  • Use categories and tags with each blog post
  • Use hyperlinks to network
  • Concentrate on one or two Social Media platforms. Go deeper instead of wider. Be conscious of the personality I display on FaceBook and twitter
  • Learn how to make better use of hashtags
  • Pay attention to copyright laws when using photos online
  • Instead of concentrating on growing my number of friends/followers on FaceBook and twitter this year concentrate on growing my shares, comments and retweets
  • Master creating beautiful Memes efficiently


Edie Melson has once again provided writers, authors, and illustrators with an easy to use marketing tool.

Thanks, Edie!


The Way Back – Part 4


IMG_4468I’m eager to share with you how the Lord provided for me last week. I mentioned that I’m somewhat isolated because of my recent move. Well, since that post I found the Louisville Christian Writers (or  who meet monthly just ten minutes from my home.

Then, a writing friend contacted me on Facebook about a one day conference she’s organizing this spring in – you guessed it, Louisville.

AND, I was invited to join a small critique group of folks who write for children.

Isn’t God good? Amen! Thank you, Lord, for hearing our smallest requests.

Now, to return to step five of my journey.

Step 5-SPEND TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA EVERY DAYphiladelphia-224462_1280.jpg

Do you ever find yourself in the far left lane on an Interstate highway, then suddenly realize you need to be four lanes over in the far right?  You survey the hundreds of cars and truck zooming by and dread grabs you. How are you going to get from here to there?

I feel that way about marketing most of the time. But, I need to get my mind into gear for it. What good is one of my books or articles doing if no one reads it?

These days marketing begins (and sometimes ends) with social media. <sigh>

I admit that I do NOT enjoy maintaining a social media presence. I’m making some progress in that direction, but I keep easing off the clutch too soon and rolling backwards. I believe I resent the time I spend “socializing” instead of researching and writing. I’m trying to look at it from a different perspective.

I am learning to use to make better use of my time. But, it takes TIME to use Buffer (and such programs) to save time.

I’ve decided to use my writing time one day each week for learning how to use, and maybe enjoy using, social media.

I’m taking advantage of Buffer’s free educational videos to learn how to optimize the time and energy I put into it.

My agent, Cyle Young, is a media/marketing guru. His newsletter Almost An Author is loaded with marketing tips and advice. I’m determined to implement some of his advice.

But it’s kind of like taking cough meds with that horrible Guaifenesin taste. (BTW – the only way I’ve found to neutralize that taste is peppermint.) Time to be a big girl, isn’t it?

This week I’ll watch the Buffer videos. Next week, my goal is to locate and read Cyle’s posts about social media. And, of course, to try to understand what I’m reading!

auto-racing-558089_1280.jpgCan you share any tips you know, or videos you’ve viewed, or online courses you have taken on better use of your time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and all of those other sites out there? Thanks. I’ll take all the  help I can get!

Okay. It’s time to hit the road.

“Jean, start your engine!”