Summer Picture Books–The View at the Zoo

Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall

It is summer in my area. So, I’ve decided to review picture books about summer fun. I’ve tried to choose books about a variety of places and fun activities. Let’s dive in!

61zuJegZxmL._AC_US218_The View at the Zoo was written by Kathleen Long Bostrom and illustrated by Guy Francis. Ideals Children’s Books published it in 2010.

Time to rise and shine at the zoo. Time to get ready for all the visitors to see all they can see of the animals. The text is clever, cute and sparse in The View at the Zoo. So be sure to help your young readers check out the hilarious illustrations carefully.

That’s where they’ll find Bostrum’s and Francis’ story surprise!

This little book is a great read for a hot summer afternoon.

It might even inspire you to take your little ones on a trip to a zoo near you!

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