Today’s title isn’t for your kids–it’s for YOU, parents.

I am ashamed to admit I was a yelling parent. I hated myself for it each time I lost control and yelled at my kids.

My mother was a yeller. Her mother was a yeller. And I suppose her mother was, too.

I tried desperately to break the cycle. I had some success, but also my share of failures.

If you’re like me you’ll try most anything to help you gain control of yourself and the volume of your voice. Click on this link (What Do We Do All Day)  to find a couple of simple, free things to help you. I think they might just work!

WhatDoWeDoA few months ago I blogged about the website “What Do We Do All Day.” You’ll find that post here.

I HIGHLY recommend that website with multitudes of non-electronic ideas for things to do with and for your kids. Do yourself and your kids a favor and check it out!

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