Song of Night

Song of Night – It’s Time to Go to Bed

Song of Night

By Katherine Riley Nakamura           Illustrated by Linnea Riley

Published by The Blue Sky Press in 2002


Song of Night – It’s Time to Go to Bed is a wonderful example of a “quiet” picture book.

The 160 words of rhyming verse take your listener by the hand to visit baby animals preparing for bedtime. The illustrations are soft and beautiful. The faces are expressive indicators of the mood each baby animal is portraying. Each double-page spread includes cute and funny elements, too.

It’s a quiet walk to sleepy time for a little listener The story ends with the best sentiment ever to take to dreamland – “I love you so!”

I read this book to each of our four young grandchildren anytime they spent the night with us – which has been often in the past ten years. They enjoyed the snuggle-time and the sweet illustrations.

When the grandkids were little it was a great “quiet” segue to our own night-night hugs, kisses and prayers. I look forward to reading it to my great-grandchildren someday.

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