Sometimes You Fly

Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall

Sometimes You Fly by Katherine Applegate was published in 2018 by Clarion Books. Jennifer Black Reinhardt illustrated the picture book.

First, let me brag about the illustrations. They are sensitive but cute and funny. They definitely carry a large part of the story of this picture book.

Applegate’s sparse text is beautiful. It amounts to a lovely poem full of nostalgia and advice and hope for those reading the book. I agree absolutely with the theme that life is filled with things to learn and experience BEFORE we find success.

This is a beautiful book. I’ve read it several times just today.

But I have one issue. I am struggling with seeing its appeal to children. It definitely appeals to parents, grandparents, caregivers and poetry-lovers. But I’m not seeing its “Read it again!” factor for children.

I feel unqualified to say something less than grand about a book by such a celebrated author. So, remember, it’s just my opinion, folks.

Thanks for checking out my Reviews. I hope they lead you to some great books you and the children in your life will enjoy again and again.  61OWM-ZV4bL._SY498_BO1204203200_


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