Picture Book Review SNOW DANCE

Yet another Picture Book about snow! Review by Jean Matthew Hall.

Snow Dance was written by Lezlie Evans and illustrated by Cynthia Jabar. It was published in 1997 by Houghton Mifflin. That is surprising to me because this bouncy, happy story is told in less than 300 words, and that was unusual twenty years ago.

It makes me wonder if this was originally a leveled reader instead of a picture book.

The story begins:

Winter weary

cold and dreary

“How we wish that it would snow!”

Low clouds hover

sky is covered

“It just might, you never know.”

Of course a snow storm comes and dumps lots of fun overnight. The remainder of the picture book is filled with the rollicking, rhyming adventures the day holds.

Don’t let its age fool you. (Old isn’t bad, you know!) Snow Dance will be as much fun for you and your little ones as it was twenty years ago when it was written. Check it out at your local public library.

And be sure the next time snow is in the forecast that you and your kids run outside and do the snow dance, too. It works—I think.

2 Comments on “Picture Book Review SNOW DANCE

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  2. Wow – only 300 words. And the cover illustrations are delightful, too! Sounds like a perfect book for a cold winter day!

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