Sick Days Fun Box

Don’t you hate it when your little ones are sick? And don’t you hate it when they feel much better and want to be up & busy, but can’t? What do you do—read to them all day? Or let them have perpetual screen time?

Here’s another idea—create a “Sick Days Fun Box.”

Use a rectangular plastic container with a lid, or a plain old cardboard box. Fill it with small, quiet things your kids love.

Here are some suggestions, but use your imagination.

• Crayons
• Markers
• Pencils
• Colored pencilsorigami-free-images-on-pixabay-origami-pictures-1
• Tablets
• Printer paper
• “Neat” glue
• Yarn
• Scotch tape
• Age-appropriate scissors
• Coloring books
• Puzzle books
• Paper dolls (yes, they are trying to make a comeback)
• Stickers
• Small toy people, vehicles & animals
• Empty cardboard tubes from paper towels, etc.
• Googly eyes
• Scraps of colored paper or cloth
• Plastic disposable cups to stack
• Leftover inexpensive birthday party “prizes”
• Leftover prizes from fast food restaurants
• Thin paper plates to draw faces on, make masks, or make jack-o-lanterns or apples
• Wooden craft sticks to make puppets, then make up a story and put on a show for you
• Books—of course!
• Family photo albums
• Sugar free gum
• Colored paper clips to string together to make jewelry
• Colored ponytail keepers to string slipknot together to make jewelry
• “Lava lamps” made from plastic water bottles, oil & food coloring. BE SURE TO GLUE THE LIDS ON!
• Empty round boxes with plastic lids from the kitchen. They can put buttons, jacks, dried peas or marbles inside, tape the lids on and make music. OR, simple use them as drums.
• Dominoes
• Matching Game cards
• Legos
• Junk-mail catalogues for cutting and pasting

building-674828_1920 (1)I’m sure you can find other cool stuff to add to the box!


Don’t put ALL of this stuff in the box at once. Choose 10 or 12 things. After they become bored, or take a nap, or the next day you can switch out another 10 or 12 items.

Keep plenty of popsicles in the freezer. They cool fevers, sooth sore throats, rehydrate kiddos, and they are fun!

Use empty tissue boxes as “trash cans” for those yucky used tissues.

Invest in LOTS of disinfectant wipes for everything touchable.

Wash your own hands every time you make contact with your sick child or her things.


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