Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary


Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary

By Sue Young

Published by Scholastic Reference


My Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary is one of the most used reference books On My Shelf. Though I use online rhyming dictionaries at times I always fall back on this little book.


It is one of my favorites for several reasons.

  •       It is inexpensive.
  •       It is compact.
  •       The format is straightforward and easy to use. I prefer quickly flipping through      the lists over wading through the online rhyming dictionaries I have used.
  •       It makes finding both end rhymes and internal rhymes easier for me.
  •       Because it was published for elementary and middle school children the words listed are on an elementary and middle grade level. That makes them perfect for use in my children’s manuscripts.
  •       It has a user-friendly index.

Unfortunately the book is no longer available through Scholastic. However, I found it and several other rhyming dictionaries at Amazon.

Click HERE for that selection.

Whether you write poetry, board books, picture books or whatever…

If you want your poetry or prose to “sing” you’ll get a lot of use out of your own Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary.

2 Comments on “Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary

  1. I love all the great resources you’ve been telling us about recently. I’m definitely going to get a copy of this one. Blessings to you!

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