Have a regular bedtime for the kids.

Have a bedtime routine for the kids–include prayer.

Plan meals ahead of time—even if 15 minutes before in your head.

Keep breakfast quick and easy. Prepare before the kids are up.

Play with your kids a little bit every day.

Be silly occasionally.

Have five-minutes of quiet time (for prayer is great!) each day.

COMPLETE one load of laundry each day.

Teach kids to clean up what they mess up.

Do it yourself, too. Clean as you go.

Be spontaneous occasionally.

Designate a time and place for homework.

Pack lunches (kids can do this), backpacks, etc. the night before.

Be grateful.

  • Every dirty dish means your family ate that day.
  • Every dirty sock means your kids have clothes to wear.
  • Every mess means your kids are healthy enough to play.

Thank you, God!


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