Sample submission cover letter

This is a sample COVER LETTER TO ACCOMPANY FICTION PICTURE BOOK SUBMISSION. It is a guideline for you to use to create your own letter. Follow the formatting exactly.

Be sure to check the publisher’s or agent’s website for their exact requirements for information to include in the letter. Some agencies require full proposals. If they do not, they usually require a letter similar to this with the full picture book manuscript or sample chapters.

Sample Submission Letter for Children’s Book

Name (first/last)
Postal Address
City    STATE  Zipcode
10-digit phone number
Email address


Dear Ms./Mr. Editor or Agent Name

Left justify the first paragraph which includes a hook about your story. Also include the genre, age of the intended audience, word count. Include whether or not the manuscript is completed. Include information that will show you know, have met, or have thoroughly researched this editor or agent. If you met at a conference include that information. If you are familiar with one or two of their books that are similar to yours mention that.

            Indent the second paragraph which is devoted to comparable titles. Choose two or three titles that have been published in the last five years. Show how they are similar to your title in theme or style. Show how your title is different from them.

            Indent the third paragraph which is about you. Include your education and experience. Include information that shows why you wrote this particular story. Show the editor/agent why you are the best qualified person to write this story. Include your social media information and/or any memberships, associations or speaking opportunities that will help you market the book.

            Thank the editor/agent for considering your submission.



Typed Name

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