Robert’s Snow by Grace Lin

51viklipfkl-_sx258_bo1204203200_Robert’s Snow was written by author-illustrator Grace Lin. Viking published it in 2004.

Robert is a tiny mouse who has never seen or touched snow. And he desperately wants to experience the wonderful stuff.

But Grandpa and Aunt Vicky tell him it is nothing but trouble for wee animals like them. As soon as the first flake heads their way the family snuggles into their old boot/house and seals it up tight.

Until Robert’s window in his room at the very top of the boot flies open. Not only does Robert experience the delight of playing in the snow, but the sudden realization that everything is white and his boot/house is nowhere to be found.

Lin concocts a delightful surprise ending for this tale. And, if the children listening to you read this story watch the illustrations carefully they can figure out just how that surprise happens!

A fun, snuggle-up read for a snowy day at your house!

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