Christmas Day is just around the corner. The question on everyone’s lips is, “Are you ready for Christmas?” I know they mean have you bought all you can buy? Have you baked all you can bake? Wrapped all you can wrap? Decorated all you can decorate?
20171208_230220But that question begs a deeper look.

“Are you ready for CHRISTmas? Are you ready, not for a visitor in a red suit to drop down your chimney, but for CHRIST to call you up into the clouds? Have you given Him your greatest gift? Yourself?

Have you surrendered your life and soul to CHRIST and asked Him to be your eternal Savior?”

All the preparations of Christmas build up to that one glorious day, December 25. We spend weeks, maybe months, getting everything perfectly ready for one big day of celebration.

But, have we prepared our souls for an even bigger celebration that will usher in eternity?

20171210_100759I’m grateful that I am a Christian. Many years ago I surrendered the control of my life and my eternity to You. But am I ready for CHRIST to appear? Am I going to be overjoyed to be instantly transported from earth to God’s presence? Or am I going to be ashamed or fearful when that twinkling change happens to me? Whether my body is dead or still alive when Jesus calls my spirit into God’s presence, will I be ready?

Will I be ready to trade in this world and this life for an eternal Christmas?

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