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prayhandsIf you don’t see your name on the list below please forgive me; I’ve accidentally left your name off, or we’ve never met. Please DO add your name in the comments below, leave it on my Face Book Page or email it to me at

I’d love to add you to this list.


I Prayed Especially For You

I prayed especially for you today

Not just one of those “lay me down to sleep” prayers

But a heart-felt, yearning prayer.

My heart stretched up toward heaven.

It strained to touch the Throne of Grace,

To see a wisp of God’s answer in your life.


I prayed especially for you today

Not a quick “Lord, bless them” kind of prayer

But a hope-filled, pleading prayer.

My heart cried for your future

Then softly laid it at the Feet of Grace

To trust God’s heaped up answer in your life.  AMEN.

Donna Earnhardt
Tameka Brown
Rene Aube   
Michael Mooney
Cherrilynn Bisbano
Johnnie Alexander
Kelly Duncan
Blondie Crabtree
Bill Watkins
Edie Melson
Robin Luftig
Bob Hostetler
Jean Wise
Annette Griffin
Nancy Ruegg
Terry Whalin
Meaghan Burnett   
Twila Belk
Mary Gaskins
Hallee Bridgeman
Betty Owens
Connie Camden
Nicki Bishop
Hannah Conway
Kristy Horine
Carlton Hughes
Gregg Bridgeman
Dee Oliver
Pam Harlow
Joyce Cordell
Constance Darnell
Lisa Greer
Carol Baldwin
Jan Prahl
Jan Parys
Debbie DeCiantis
Crystal Bowman
Jill Roman Lord
Linda Gilden
Deanna Klingel
Lea Ann Johnson
Crystal Caudill
Ralene Burke
Lydia Walker
Shelley Roark
Jean Petersen
Jason Joyner
Janice D. Green
Crystal Bowman
Samantha Bell
Nancy I. Sanders
Laura Sassi
Glyness Nellist
Donna Earnhardt
Amberly Kristen Clowe
Amy Leskowski
Rachel Pellegrino
Lindsay Schlegel

Melissa Henderson & Joyce McCullough

14 Comments on “Praying for Writers & Authors

  1. thanks for including me! I want my work to honor the Lord and not me. SO hard for us to keep ourselves out of the way!

    • Thank you for that, Carol. And many thanks for being my faithful friend.

  2. What a sweet and encouraging thing to do. Thank you! I have a praise that I’ve had a number of speaking opportunities over the last month and a half!

    • Congratulations! Every bit of exposure helps. And, besides, it’s fun! Thanks for being a faithful friend.

  3. I would appreciate your prayers for my writing hopes & dreams still to become reality. Thanks Jean!

    • You are sooooo welcomed.

  4. I would appreciate prayers for my writing journey. Thank you. 🙂 Melissa Henderson

    • Yes, Melissa. The ups and downs are painful, I know. I’m praying for you, too. Blessings,

  5. I would appreciate your prayers for publication of my children’s books. Even though I’ve been published in magazines, etc., I think many people don’t consider me an author.

    • Of course, Joyce! I’ll be praying for God to use your writing to glorify Himself. Blessings, Jean

  6. Cathy Biggerstaff and Mary Jane Downs would appreciate your prayers. Can’t have too many of those!

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