Picture Book Review-Wordy Birdy

Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall featuring 2018 picture books.

59359a_1953b49319f44b048a1b1ad673a0165a~mv2Do you like silly picture books? Those that give children (and us adults) a good giggle. If yes, you’ll love Wordy Birdy by Tammi Sauer. The illustrations by Dave Mottram are a big part of the funny in this book. But Wordy herself is a humorous character.

BTW-Tammi Sauer is not only talented and dedicated, she’s also one of my most fave picture book authors!

The humor doesn’t start on page 1. Nope. It starts on the jacket fold ins. And Doubleday Books for Young Readers wasted no space on the endpapers, either. Wordy Birdy flies in with the humor as soon as you open the book.

Adorable, expressive forest creatures try to help Wordy Birdy learn some valuable lessons a bout communication and taking turns, but it takes something much bigger than a cute racoon to teach her the value in sometimes being still and quiet.

Kind of a hard lesson for someone whose first name is “Wordy.”

Tammi Sauer
Tammi Sauer

Wordy Birdy’s ISBN is 978-1-5247-1929-6.

I think you’ll LOVEthis book. Here’s a review of another of Tammi’s books.

Because it’s one of my favorites!

‘Cause it’s kind of a hoot!

Or is that ‘whoot?’

It could be either one if you really think about it, which is one of my favorite things to think about.

Speaking of favorites…
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