Picture Book Review – The Manic Panic

Another 2018 Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall.

As soon as I touched The Manic Panic I suspected it would be different from other picture books I’ve been reading. The spine is clothbound—such a delightful texture to a booklover like me. The book doesn’t boast a jacket. The art is printed right on the cover boards. I like it.

It was written by Richa Jha and illustrated by Mithila Ananth. Creston Books published it in 2018.


The Manic Panic is different in other ways, also.

It’s written and illustrated by creators who live in India. The family in The Manic Panic are definitely a contemporary Indian family. Quite a change from the picture books I usually see.

Another difference is that the story flip-flops the roles of parents and the child main character. It works well with the topic and theme.

The Manic Panic shows us what happens to the main character’s family when their Internet goes on the blink. Of course, in this book, the child is the voice of reason. Mommy and Daddy are the ones in a panic. And Nana, is amused by the whole incident.

I like this book. It’s amusing. The artwork is simple but effectively portrays the characters’ emotions and responses. I like Nana best of all, I think.

Also, the ending has an unexpected twist which I like. I’m not sure this is the best title for this story. But the story is really good.

Check it out, please! I think you school-aged children will find The Manic Panic quite amusing. And they will probably see themselves in the situation, I think.

The ISBN is 978-1-939547-43-9.

2 Comments on “Picture Book Review – The Manic Panic

  1. By the illustration, it looks like that Nana is flexible in more ways than one! 🙂

    • Yes, I think that was deliberate!

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