Picture Book Review-Seashells, Crabs and Sea Stars

Another picture book (almost) review by Jean Matthew Hall

Seashells, Crabs and Sea Stars is a nonfiction picture book plus more.  It was written by Christiane Kump Tibbits and illustrated by Linda Garrow. It was published by Northwords Press in 1996. Sadly Northwords Press closed about ten years ago.

51zZLfnXHqL._SX398_BO1204203200_Seashells, Crabs and Sea Stars is one of Northwords Take-Along Guides. It is a wonderful nonfiction book filled with gorgeous illustrations. It’s a perfect book if you’re planning a trip to the beach—any beach. It is colorful, interesting and fun.

Seashells, Crabs and Sea Stars is packed with kid-friendly information about creatures that live in and near the sea. It also contains fun, simple crafts for kids to make. Great for kids to read on their way to the beach, or to use as a guide while they stroll the beach searching for treasures.

Though Northwords Press no longer publishes their Take-Along Guides you can buy them from online dealers. The set includes a dozen titles about snakes, birds, wildflowers, rocks, rabbits and more. If the little readers in your life enjoy nature they will LOVE these books.

So will you!

You can find the list of titles here and at other online book sellers. Some of the titles are available in Kindle Editions.

You can also purchase most of the titles here.

In my opinion these guides are great vacation books wherever you are headed.


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