Picture Book Review – Puddles!!!

A Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall

Puddles!!! is a cute picture book written and illustrated by Kevan Atteberry, and published by Katherine Tegen Books of Harper-Collins Publishers in 2016.

kevanwmonster_2-262x300Because Atteberry is a gifted illustrator this little book succeeds with very sparse text. His illustrations tell 99% of the story. The backgrounds are dramatic and carry the plot line along. But the expressions and body language of the adorable characters (one monster and four little bunnies) give us all the characterizations we need.

The story begins with a happy walk in the woods on a beautiful, sunny day.

But that changes quickly to rain, then more rain.

Next come thunder and lightning! Scary! [How do I know it is scary? Those facial expressions and distraught body poses tell me so!]

I don’t want to give away the ending.

But I will share with you the THEMES that I think carry this story along:

  • Into every life some rain must fall.
  • The sun will come out tomorrow.
  • Real friends stick with you no matter what.

You can learn more about Kevan Atteberry at Picture Book Builders and at his website.

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