Picture Book Review-Ocean Meets Sky


Another picture book review by Jean Matthew Hall.

Ocean Meets Sky was written and illustrated by The Fan Brothers. It was published by Simon % Schuster Books for Young Readers in 2018.

This book is home to some incredible art. Really! Just like The Fan Brothers first book, The Night Gardener does.

IMG_5618.jpg-8The Fan Brothers are Terry and Eric Fan. Both are professional artists and story tellers. Together they make an unbelievably talented team.

Ocean Meets Sky is the melancholy tale of Finn, a little boy who remembers his dear grandfather and the imaginative tales grandfather would spin for him. Finn’s imagination, like his grandfather’s, seems to know no boundaries as the art in this book demonstrates.

I think that Ocean Meets Sky is a beautiful story about imagination and it’s power to transport us above our real-world sorrows and loneliness. I initially read it with my usual eye for finding the big change in the main character. But, like the main character in The Night Gardener, I think Finn’s change is subtle. He moves from missing his grandfather to finding comfort in their shared dreams.

I suspect we’ll be seeing many more beautiful tales from The Fan Brothers.

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