Picture Book Review-Mary Had a Little Glam


Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall-Mary Had a Little Glam.

I love to curl up with one of my grandkids and share a sweet, quiet picture book. Such tender memories.


Mary Had a Little Glam (written by Tammi Sauer and glamorously illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton) is NOT one of those quiet books. And I LOVE it!

Like Mary, this picture book is snazzy and jazzy and all aglow. Mary and her delightful impact are funky and spunky and brimming with personal style.

Mary Had a Little Glam is a great read for that special girl in your life who not has a style all her own, but is undaunted by what others may think of it. A reading of this tale might encourage a few shyer children to step outside their self-imposed boxes, too. And, the pithy reminder at the end of the story might bring a little balance to both.


Tammi Sauer
Tammi Sauer

you interpret it Mary Had a Little Glam is a fun read with crazy-cute illustrations!


You can read more about the author Tammi Sauer at Picture Book Builders and on her website or Face Book page.

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