Picture Book Review – Hedge Hog!

Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall featuring 2018 picture books.

Hedgehogs are so small, so round, so cute! We tend to think they have cute personalities, too. But Ashlyn Anstee’s picture book Hedge Hog! puts a different spin on that image.

Hedge Hog! was published in 2018 by Tundra Books. The ISBN is 978-1-77049-991-1.

It’s fall and all of the animals are hunkering down to prepare for winter. All of the  critters invite other critters to share their homes to keep warm and well-fed during those cold months.

All of the critters, that is, except Hedgehog.

In this sweet tale Hedgehog lives up to his name by hogging a huge, beautiful hedge. He absolutely refuses to share his space until…

You’ll have to read this short and sweet story to find out the details.

Hedge Hog! is a story of community, of sharing, of friendship. Your own little cuddle-bunnies will enjoy it, I believe.

You can learn more about Anstee’s books here.  hedgehog2

Interesting bit of Hedgehog trivia here. YUK!

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