Picture Book Review–Blue Ethel

Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall

Blue Ethel is a sweet picture book written and illustrated by Jennifer Black Reinhardt. It was published by Margaret Ferguson Books in 2017.

Ethel is a cat. And true to her catly nature Ethel is independent, curious and self-confident.


Something tragic happens and the other neighborhood cats look at Ethel with dismay, even disgust. So, she hides inside the house until she realizes that Fluffy, her best cat friend in the whole world, is right there beside her in the midst of her troubles. He can’t make Ethel’s troubles go away, but he can turn them into colorful fun.

I like Ethel. But Fluffy is my hero. Cause real friends stick with you come what may.

Thanks, Jennifer, for this adorable tale of friendship.


You can learn more about Jennifer Black Reinhardt and her other picture books at Picture Book Builders, and at her website.


Have you read Jennifer’s Yaks Yak or Rabbi Benjamin’s Buttons? Did you like them? Please leave a comment and share your opinions.


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