Picture Book Review—Be Kind


Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall

Be Kind is written by Pat Zietlow Miller, and is illustrated lusciously by Jen Hill. It was published in 2018 by Roaring Brook Press.

Be Kind is one of my favorites of the many picture books Miller has authored. It’s a story within a story to me.

Be Kind is a story about a little girl whose friend at school is wounded by other kids’ unkind reactions, and the MC’s reactions to their reactions. Make sense?

But it’s also a lovely story that illustrates concrete ways young children can BE KIND, and how a small kindness can create a huge effect.

If you are trying to teach the concept of kindness to anyone at all, Miller’s Be Kind is a great place to start. It’s gentle, thoughtful and easy to understand. I think that after reading or hearing the story most anyone will think or say, “A-hah! So that’s what it means to be kind.”

Pat Zietlow Miller


You can learn more about Pat Zietlow Miller and her other delightful picture books at Picture Book Builders, and at her website.

Have you read Pat’s other books? Sophie’s Squash? Wide Awake Bear? Which is your favorite? Will you share it with us in the comments? Thanks!

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