Picture Book for Women’s History Month-Lizard Lady

A picture book review by Jean Matthew Hall featuring a 2018 picture book about a woman making history! Happy Women’s History Month!

The Lizard Lady is a nonfiction picture book published in 2018 by Abordale. It was written by Jennifer Keats Curtis and Dr. Nicole F. Angeli. It was illustrated by Veronica V. Jones.

Dr. Nicole F. Angeli studies an endangered animal, the St. Croix ground lizard. She is making her mark on history through her passionate studies in the Virgin Islands. The local residents of the islands gave her the nickname Lizard Lady.
This picture book focuses on her activities on the islands as she captures, weighs, measures and inspects St. Croix lizards, then releases the back into the wild. Students in upper elementary grades will find her studies especially interesting, I believe.

The ample back matter of The Lizard Lady is all about the St. Croix lizard, its environment, their adaptations, their translocation to increase their population and information about Dr. Angeli and invasive species that threaten the St. Croix Lizard and other species.

For additional information:

Here is an online article about Dr. Angeli.

Here is a Fact Sheet about the St. Croix ground lizard. St. Croix Lizard ENG fact sheet

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