Picture Book for Women’s History Month-Jane Austen

A picture book review by Jean Matthew Hall featuring a 2018 picture book about a woman making history! Happy Women’s History Month!

Brave Jane Austen: Reader, Writer, Author, Rebel was written by Lisa Pliscou and was illustrated by Jen Corace. Henry Holt and Company published it in in 2018.

This interesting picture book focuses on two things. One, Jane Austen did not fit the stereotypical image of a female—a woman, a lady—in her day during the 18th and 19th Centuries. She lived boldly outside the expectations of her culture as a woman of creativity, imagination and talent. She challenged the publishing world of her time until she achieved publication and fame as an author. Indeed, one of the most famous authors of all time.

Brave Jane Austen: Reader Writer, Author, Rebel also focuses on Jane’s persistence in developing as a writer. She didn’t let obstacles or discouragement stop her. She kept pursuing her passion for writing novels.

Perhaps an elementary-aged child in your life needs a little encouragement to persist, to not give up. Brave Jane Austen may be just the inspiration they need.

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