Parent’s Good Night Prayer

blur-1867402_1920 cropWe sit on the bed beside our child and listen as they pray before going to sleep. Why?

• Prayer is a great habit we’re trying to develop in them.• Prayer helps them relax and rest better.
• Prayer works.
• Prayer reminds them of the people they pray for.

But what about us parents? Do we pray before we fall asleep for the night? Maybe a beautiful memorized prayer might help US develop the habit of evening prayers, too.
Here’s a lovely and effective evening prayer by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Print it out, or jot it on a card. Read it each night before falling asleep.



My Lord God, I thank you
That you have brought this day to an end;
I thank you that you let body and soul come to rest.
Your hand was over me;
It protected me and preserved me.
Forgive all the faintheartedness, lack of faith,
And unrighteousness of this day,
And help me to gladly forgive those who have wronged me.
Let me sleep in peace under your protection,
And preserve me from the assaults of darkness.
I commend to you those close to me;
I commend to you this house;
I commend to you my body and my soul.
O God, may your holy name be praised.

“I will both lay me down and sleep in peace,
For Thou, Lord, only make me to dwell in safety.”
Psalm 4:8

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