Parenting-Developing Roots

Developing roots is essential to the growth of trees. Just as it is with the growth of our children.

About five years ago I bought a fig tree cutting at a yard sale.fig-3622427_1280.jpg It’s now about seven feet tall and dotted with newborn figs. In about six weeks they’ll ripen to their succulent glory.

I moved from that home more than two years ago. My daughter and her children now own that house. So, when I visited them a few weeks ago I took a few fig tree cuttings to bring home with me. Many of my childhood memories are tied to my grandmother’s fig tree. I pray these will survive and thrive like hers did.

20190715_131629Following Google’s advice I made a mini hothouse from a 2-liter bottle and filled it with sandy soil. Then simply poked the cuttings down into the soil and watered them well. They made the ten hour trip home with no problems.

Now these cuttings rest on my patio while they HOPEFULLY develop roots. I water and feed them. In future posts I’ll let you know how they do.

I hope, pray and wait.

It’s the same way with parenting. We plant our children in the best homes, the best environments, the best situations we can.

We give them nourishment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We water them frequently with love. We tend them carefully. We pray over them.

And we wait.

We wait to see what character they’ll develop, what decisions they’ll make in life, what paths their careers will follow, how they will or won’t love and serve the Lord.

I’ve learned that we really can’t “hot house” our children like I’m doing to my fig cuttings. We can provide all the encouragement and guidance and discipline we know to give. We can pray over them and for them and with them. But ultimately they become adults and make their own choices.

Meanwhile the BEST thing we can do is pray and turn them over to God’s hands. We hope they are developing the right roots. We pray they accept Christ and grow in the Lord.

And we wait.

Psalm 92:12

The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon;

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