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Picture Book Builders is a blog about picture books. It features reviews of picture books by authors of picture books.  Whether you are a writer of picture book manuscripts, or a parent or teacher looking for great picture books to share with the children in your life you’ll find  Picture Book Builders a useful addition to your cadre of blogs.

Their purpose it to study a variety of contemporary picture books and try to determine “how one element of a picture book’s story or art manages to grab us or wow us or strike an emotional chord.”

The contributing picture book authors are:

  • Linda Ashman
  • Kevan Atteberry
  • Jill Esbaum
  • Pat Zietlow Miller
  • Jennifer Black Reinhardt
  • Tammi Sauer
  • Suzzane Slade
  • Mike Boldt

Do you recognize any of these names? If so, any favorite books you’d like to share with us? Just leave a comment below, please.

Over the next two months I’ll devote my Friday Picture Book Reviews to some of the newest books written by these folks. As an author I’m looking forward to learning great things by studying how these multi-published professionals do it.

I hope you’ll join me. Blessings!


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