Online Inspiration and Encouragement

I like to use FaceBook to my advantage. One of the ways I do that is to scan through Pages or Profiles related to “moms” or “parenting.” I’ve found a lot of Neh! and also some great stuff for quick encouragement on this parenting journey.

Today I recommend a few. I hope you’ll find one that gives you the Mom-boost you need.



emilylogoRenewed Hope Parenting by Emily Scott at

Emily blogs about every two weeks about a variety of issues facing parents. Blog titles include “Never Allow Someone To Make You Feel Like a Bad Parent,” “The Advantage of Affection,” “Five Day Love Your Child Challenge” and much more.  She also reviews parenting books. Emily’s blog looks to me like a good place to get a quick dose of encouragement.

DISCLAIMER: The website is connected to their business/ministry of counseling families.


Miracles In the Mess  at

This is a Face Book page with plenty of short posts designed to encourage you to parent lovingly and positively. Might be just the little spark you need after the fifth dirty diaper of the day!


IMG_7463Daring to Delight from the Trenches of Motherhood by Hannah Savage at

Hannah’s blog is dedicated to helping readers have a “presence-centered home.” She explains it this way:

I believe that God’s promise to never leave us makes all the difference in the world to us and our families. When we grow to understand who God is, what the Holy Spirit brings to our lives, fear and striving lose their hold. Our life can become an affirmation that we are hosting Christ, even in the midst of life’s greatest messes. His presence in our lives gives us courage to lean in to what He’s doing in us. His grace empowers us to be present and proactive in our homes.


Natural Christian Mamas by three moms—Jackie, Bethany and Shelby at

This blog is a boon for parents trying to create a “Nature-Centered Family” that utilizes all-natural products, foods and methods. You’ll find research results, comparisons, new products and encouragement both from God’s Word and other Natural Christian Moms to keep on keeping on.




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