Learning EVERYTHING About Writing

I read a lot. Mostly nonfiction and picture books. I learn from what I process through my eyes by using my hands. Always have.

Today I want to show you some of the material I study that is NOT ON MY SHELF. I study the moments in the lives of the children around me.

The happy moments. The sad moments.

The celebrations. The holidays.

The individuiality. The uniqueness.

The accomplishments. The disappointments.

The milestones. The adventures.

And the rainbow of their reactions to the events of their lives.

I watch and study and remember. I contemplate and search for seeds.

Seeds that will grow and bloom in my heart, and in my imagination.

Seeds that will sprout into story ideas and characters to write about.

I can’t learn EVERYTHING there is to know about writing from my books you know.

And neither can you. So, where do you get YOUR story ideas?

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