New Blog Look

I think we’re ready to celebrate my redesigned website! Break out the balloons and noise-makers!

I’ve been prayerfully redesigning and repurposing my website. I hope you like it.

How about the banner? It was created by Kim Sponaugle of Picture Kitchen Studio. She captured my vision perfectly.

Please check out the Menu Tabs, too. I’ve reorganized some information for writers.  I’ve added some fun pages for kids. As it becomes available I’ll be adding other stuff for teachers and conference leaders.

And my blog “Writing Encouraging Words” is still up and running. I hope to post a variety of things:

  • Information about my writing, books, school visits, etc.
  • Articles of interest to writers
  • Articles to encourage parents
  • An occasional original poem
  • Articles to celebrate holidays
  • Introductions to new books by my writing buddies

I’ll post every Wednesday.

girl-balloons2I hope you’ll help me celebrate by leaving comments and sharing my website with others. I’m headed for FB and Twitter to post it. Will you leave a comment there, too?

Thanks, dear friends.

6 Comments on “New Blog Look

  1. Luv it. What is the best way to share?

    • Locate the share buttons on the email or the actual blog post itself. Click the ones you use. Thanks!

  2. I love your new look! Everything is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful posts.

  3. Perfect for a children’s book writer. Love the colors and the fun look.

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