National Read A Book Day

8271350710_43e529234f_kSeptember 6, 2017, is National Read A Book Day. I know, you probably read something from a book every day. I do. But tomorrow is the day to put aside some of your daily grind and sit back with a great book. Read the whole thing. You can do it! Hey, if you can binge-watch vampires, zombies, and mass murderers you can binge read. Try it!


If your life simply will not allow you that pleasure (like you have 3 year old triplets or some such craziness) there’s an alternative way to celebrate National Read A Book Day.
Read a picture book or two with someone you love. Read it to your toddler, your fourth grader, even to your grandmother, or to your Irish Setter.

Bake a book-shaped cake and share it over a read-aloud session.

Make colorful bookmarkers and give them to your friends.

Visit a nursing home or hospital and read to patients.


Use your lunch hour to read while you woof down your chicken salad sandwich

You can find a little more info here or here to start your celebration of the printed word.


Happy Reading!

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