My Writing Space

20171022_171652My writing space is a hodge-podge of mismatched furnishings, I’m afraid. An old desktop is anchored to two different small filing cabinets. Yes, some of us still keep paper around. Atop that is a two shelf wooden shoe rack that works wonderfully as a small hutch. On the shelves are my Bible and a book I’m studying. A few small collectors’ boxes, a clock my son gave me a few years ago (“The Next Chapter” is inscribed on it.), and a white organizer. Alas, it doesn’t keep me very organized.

A couple of vertical files and a huge bright lamp ground each end of this lovely arrangement. My space is not too pretty but extremely functional. My printer is to my left. Everything I need while thinking, and writing is within reach.

Directly behind me is my bookshelf crammed with everything from picture books to devotionals to encyclopedic research volumes, concordances and Bible commentaries. I use many of these reference tools online now. But on occasion I need to be encircled by lots of reference books so I can hop from one to the other. I guess it’s a generational thing. Or it’s a throwback to my days in high school and college. That was the way I studied and prepared.

Lastly is my comfortable office chair. Ahhhh!

This is the place I best create stories. This is the place where my mind settles in to do the work of thinking and rethinking. This is the place my brain scribbles and erases and doodles and wads up ideas to toss them into its trash bin.

Ideas occur to me in lots of other places—bulb-40701_1280the car, the kitchen, the bathroom, a theatre, a cemetery or a park. But here in this corner of my bedroom is where my brain drags those ideas through the trenches of story making. Some survive the trip. Some become casualties.

I believe strongly in routines. So does my mind and my imagination. I need the routine of sitting in the same chair at the same desk with the same laptop. My brain and I are both creatures of habit. I suspect you will find that your brain is, too.

So, where do you create stories, essays, biographies, whatever it is that you write?

Please get your brain in gear and tell us about your space. Please!


4 Comments on “My Writing Space

  1. Hey, Jean, I still have some filing cabinets, too, and I was very glad to unpack them about a month ago when we moved into our new house. For the last 7 months I’ve been writing with my computer on a TV-type tray, but I managed to get and complete an assignment from The Quiet Hour for 7 devotions, so I guess perseverance and determination are more important than space! We are hoping this is the last of our many moves! Blinds come tomorrow and that will be great because I’m in a southwest-facing window and am wearing sunglasses as I type!! Your space sounds cozy and loved!

    • Thanks, Kathy. Hope the moving in goes smoothly. My desk is in front of a due East window. Between 9 am and noon I have to put a sheet over the window to see me screne! Persistence is the key!

  2. My writing space is a hodge podge too, but yours sounds much tidier than mine!

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