I opened a PINTEREST account more than a year ago. Then promptly ignored it. I’ll bet you’ve done something similar before, too.

However, a couple of months ago I decided it was time to revisit, learn, conquer the beast.

cupcakes-2285209_1280I’m glad I did. Now that I understand PINTEREST better, I use it often. I find tons of yummy recipes for my specific needs (and some not-so-yummy ones, too). I’m relearning crochet and I find hundreds of easy patterns for gifts to make.

But I also find useful stuff for this blog. So today I ask you to pop in and visit my PINTEREST page, or account, or whatever they call it, JeanMatthew_Hall at

I feature the following boards that are directly related to content on this blog Encouraging Words for Parents and Writers.

PARENTS—ENCOURAGING WORDS is home to my blog posts for parents.

PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN is home to pins I’ve saved with advice, tips and practical solutions for parents. A section of this is devoted to fun activities to do with young children.

PICTURE BOOK REVIEWS contains all of my picture book reviews on this blog.

WRITERS—ENCOURAGING WORDS houses blog posts I wrote in the past that are specifically for writers. If you know any  writers I’d appreciate your pointing them to this board.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES contains mems with Scripture and other quotes that are inspiring for parents, writers and people in general.bears-974462_1280.jpg

RECIPES and GLUTEN-FREE RECIPES contain, of course, generic recipes I’ve gathered from pins.

CRAFTS is home to crochet pins and crafts geared to adults. Things I would like to make.

My pins are a small gift to you. I hope you’ll gift me back by visiting my boards, saving some pins and sharing them with others.

Thank you. I wish you and your family a happy and holy Christmas.

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  1. sounds like something to look into! Thanks for the suggestion, Jean!

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