My First Book Contract-Yipeeee!

I am simply too excited to talk about someone else’s book today.

“Why?” I’m sure you are wondering.


I have signed my first book contract!

With a Christian publisher!

For FOUR picture books!

I’m doing a happy-dance! (I know, I’m over-using these !!!! But I can’t stop myself!)


Right now I’m heading for the freezer. My son bought me a cheesecake to celebrate!

I need to say thank you, Lord Jesus, for this opportunity to add encouragement and joy to young children and their parents.

I also need to say thank you to my husband, Jerry. He’s in Heaven now. But he always believed that God and I could, and would, arrive at this point. He invested a lot of prayer into this day. I am grateful for his support.

And I must thank my children (including my daughter-in-love), and my beautiful grandchildren who have believed in me and cheered me on for the past ten years. They are some of the biggest reasons I write for children.



13 Comments on “My First Book Contract-Yipeeee!

  1. Congratulations, Jean!!!! What wonderful news!!!

  2. Oh, Jean! How exciting! You inspire me 🙂 Praise God for His way made for you!

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