Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference


Update-2020 – Little did I know that my first year at Mt. Hermon would be the final year of the Conference. That saddens me. But it also reminds me that sometimes God interrupts our well-laid plans. He brings people and organizations to the forefront, and He ushers brings them to an end.

What a memorable experience the 2019 Mt. Hermon Conference was for me!20190414_131024 - Copy

I’m not a big traveler, so flying from Louisville, KY to San Jose, CA was quite a trip.

Seeing that part of our country was a treat for me. The area around Mt. Hermon is gorgeous. The ocean, the mountains, the redwood trees–God is such a talented artist!

I met some amazing new friends and re-connected with an old friend.

I also received lots of much needed encouragement to keep writing.

I learned some new things in workshops. I chatted with a couple of agents. I worshipped in the wonderful and inspirational evening sessions.

My main goal is attending Mt. Hermon this year was to network–to make connections in the publishing world. I believe God did that. I was able to send my picture book and board book manuscripts to a couple of fantastic editors at Christian publishing houses. Thank you, Lord!

Now, we wait and see what God will do with those connections.

While I wait it’s on to–

  • more creating
  • more submitting
  • more querying
  • more proposals
  • more conference.
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