I’m trying to decide whether I like this picture book, or not. It definitely isn’t one of my favorites. But, I’m not an eight-year old boy. Mr. Particular: The World’s Choosiest Champion was written and illustrated by Jason Kirschner.

Mr. Particular is a sort of graphic novel/picture book. That isn’t my favorite format either. But millions of kids disagree with me on that one. The illustrations are excellent. Muted colors let the adorable faces and expressions shine through. The book was published in 2016 by Sterling Children’s Books.

If popularity on Amazon is any indicator of success Mr. Particular  ranks #484 under Amazon/ Children/Science Fiction/Superheroes. Of course I don’t know how many thousands of books fall under this category. Just for comparison Captain Underpants ranks #10 and Pinkalicious is #17.

It’s a cute idea. The main character and his friends spend their lives pretending to be super heroes. But the MC is extremely particular about food, clothes, textures, noises, etc. His idiosyncrasies eventually cause his friends to kick him out of their games. He tries to change his finicky tastes but fails.

But wait! Suddenly a real crisis occurs and one of his buddies needs rescuing. Of course, our little superhero rises to overcome his texture challenge and saves the day. Thus setting himself on a path to overcoming his other weaknesses.

It’s a cute story, but for my taste it’s way overdone. I like hyperbole in characters but all of the kids in this book look and act super-eccentric to me. I know six year olds do funny and sometimes ridiculous things, but these kids are way over the top in my opinion.

The style of the illustrations is great. The artwork itself is cute and fun. I like art with movement, but these graphic-novel strips are moving in all directions. Also, the pages are crammed with speech balloons and “text boxes” that overshadow the art for me.

It’s just too much of a good thing for my taste. Too, too busy.

Hey! Will you help me out? Dash down to your local library with super-sonic speed and read Mr. Particular with your warp-speed reading, then let me and my readers know what you think here in the comments. Or, on my FB author page. P-L-E-A-S-E!





2 Comments on “MR. PARTICULAR

  1. I will see if my library has it! One thing I have noticed with my daughter – books I think are overcrowded and too busy, she seems to like. I wonder if it’s related to the “digital age” of websites, etc… that we didn’t have growing up??

    • Maybe you are right. I get distratcted by too much stuff. But I’m sure your daughter will enjoy it. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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